Kairos Palestine Christmas-Advent Alert 2016

banksy-apartheid-wall-xmas-cardThis year’s Kairos Palestine Advent and Christmas Alert is devoted to the plight of Palestinian Children.  In his powerful introductory essay, Rifat Odeh Kassis writes: “Palestinian children are like other children anywhere; they have rights and needs. What distinguishes them from others, however, is the situation they face every day. (read more)

Christmas as Protest

Is it not true that Jesus was born at a time when fear was rampant and hope a rare commodity?   To celebrate Christmas today as yesterday is an act of protest, an act of defiance against all the powers that are threatening our future, and that of our children and grandchildren...Every Christmas tree that we erect in our homes or churches or civic spaces is, rightly understood, an act of protest:  of faith against despair, of love against hatred, of hope against hopelessness.  Read more.

Worship resources that lift up justice in the Holy Land

worship resources 1Kairos USA and United Methodist Kairos Response are putting together collection of worship and devotional resources to clarify and enrich the spiritual connection to the cause of justice in the Holy Land. We encourage faith communities and other justice advocates to use our resources in times of worship, personal and community devotions, and other faith-based activities. Read more.

Solidarity travel: When times are tough, friends show up

solidarity travel home pageThe month of October and the first days of November have brought heightened tension and increasing harassment against Palestinians within occupied East Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. Neighborhoods have been shut down and checkpoints have proliferated. While it may seem counter-intuitive, this may be the most important time to plan a trip to Palestine. Read more.

An Apartheid Wall draws attention in Seattle

seattle wall Home pageWe were heartened to see our friends in Seattle organize in support of the recent World Week for Peace in Israel Palestine. The Kairos Puget Sound Coalition erected an 8-foot high by 20-foot wide model of the apartheid Wall in Palestine at the Westlake Center, which sits right in the middle of downtown Seattle.  Read more.

Justice for Palestine challenges the church

360px-Holocaust_memorial_treeKairos USA Executive Director Mark Braverman recently returned from a speaking tour in Germany. He writes: "... the growing movement within Germany to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and equality has created a problem for the German church, which has officially declared itself, along with the German government itself, as having a special responsibility to the Jewish people and for the welfare of the State of Israel. Indeed, the German Protestant church is on a collision course with the growing movement at the church grassroots in solidarity with the Palestinian human rights struggle." Read more.