UCC joins divestment movement: How it happened

UCC divestment voteOur Diane Dulin, a retired United Church of Christ minister, was working behind the scenes when the UCC’s General Synod in June voted to divest from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation. Diane believes the UCC Palestine Israel Network's work to build grassroots denomination support, and readiness to lean on the larger Palestinian justice community, accounts in part for the victory. Read more.

Why saving Susiya is part of your salvation story

SaveSusiyaThe Rev. Loren McGrail, who serves with the YWCA of Palestine, traveled to Susiya several weeks ago to join a demonstration to help save the Palestinian village from demolition by Israeli forces. Reflecting on demonstration scene, she writes, "You come to Susiya or support the cause to save the village because your own salvation story is bound to this salvation story. And where you hang or where you stand makes all the difference." Read more.

Meet the Kairos Puget Sound Coalition

TKairosPugetSoundCoalitionhe greater Seattle area boasts a wealth of seasoned activists in various efforts on behalf of justice in Palestine Israel. Some of these are church-related or faith-based, others are rooted in community or academic settings. The newly formed Kairos Puget Sound Coalition aims to better connect these folks and coordinate their activities. Read more.

Palestinian justice challenges German church

360px-Holocaust_memorial_treeKairos USA Executive Director Mark Braverman recently returned from a speaking tour in Germany. He writes: " ... the growing movement within Germany to support the Palestinian people in their struggle for freedom and equality has created a problem for the German church, which has officially declared itself, along with the German government itself, as having a special responsibility to the Jewish people and for the welfare of the State of Israel. Indeed, the German Protestant church is on a collision course with the growing movement at the church grassroots in solidarity with the Palestinian human rights struggle." Read more.

‘Voices’ video debuts at Kairos LA Conference

Voice videoThose attending the recent Kairos USA Los Angeles Conference had a chance to hear from some of our friends in Palestine. Palestinians eager to have the American church join their movement for justice and human rights spoke directly to the gathering via a powerful video called “Voices From Palestine.” Read more.