Germany, the Palestinian call, and a challenge to the church

Mark Braverman Executive Director Kairos USA

Mark Braverman
Executive Director
Kairos USA

Four years ago I was in Stuttgart, Germany for my first speaking tour in that country. My book had been published in German with the title Fatal Shame: Israel’s Politics and the Silence of the Christians. Several church groups eager to bring a message supportive of the Palestinian cause to German audiences had organized my visit.

But this was Germany, and they were a bit nervous. On the evening of my first lecture, the local organizer took me aside and made a request: “Don’t mention boycotts,” he said to me. “You must understand that this is a very sensitive topic for Germans.” I agreed to take his request seriously. After all, I was his guest, and I needed to honor his wisdom about what his audience was ready to absorb. I wanted this gutsy thing he was doing to be successful, and I didn’t want to throw any bombs. It didn’t go that way. Read more.

‘Voices’ video debuts at Kairos LA conference

Back in April, those gathering for the Kairos USA Los Angeles Conference had a chance to hear from some of our friends in Palestine. Palestinians eager to have the American church join their movement for justice and human rights spoke directly to the gathering via a powerful video called “Voices From Palestine,” which we share below.

Paul and Lana Norton, who lead a Middle East Peace Task Force associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, created the video specifically for the LA conference using video clips of their own and from friends. Diane Dulins, Director of Church Participation for Kairos USA, has a full report on the conference here.